Vase Fayum

Vase Fayum
Vase Fayum
Vase Fayum
Vase Fayum
Vase Fayum
Артикул: TM0086
Indoor use/dry locations only

The "Fayum Series," part of The Met x Eichholtz collection, transports you to ancient Egypt's mystique. Crafted from natural onyx, revered for its unique colors and veining, each piece is a testament to nature's artistry. This series comprises the "Vase Fayum S," echoing vessels found in a Middle Kingdom tomb at Haraga, Egypt. Explore the larger "Vase Fayum L," a charming "Bowl Fayum," and the versatile "Tray Haraga" in small and large sizes. Embrace history's allure in your contemporary space with these timeless pieces. HISTORIC PROVENANCEThe Vase Fayum is influenced by a group of Egyptian stone vessels (ca. 1887–1750 B.C.) in The Met collection. These cosmetic vessels from the Middle Kingdom were discovered in a tomb at Haraga. The Vase Fayumis exquisitely crafted by hand in onyx. Each piece offers its own unique coloration and natural veins.

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